Work permit for UK director’s business visits from UK to EU country?


I am wondering whether I, as a UK citizen and resident, can set up a BV and then visit the Netherlands and work at our Amsterdam office (here we will have several of Dutch employees). The visits will be from a few days to a week or so after which one of the other directors will do the same. I understand that because of Brexit, I cannot longer freely work in another EU country. So in short: are short work visits permitted in such a situation and how to do this in a compliant manner?


Yes, you can come to the Netherlands as a business visitor – up to 90 days out of 180 days. However a business visitor is usually defined as holding meetings, having training, giving presentations etc and not having their own workspace/desk and actually working from the NL office. Obviously, a bit of a grey zone and difficult to know if anyone from Dutch immigration would know. In any case, you would need to be conscious of the days used on each 180 day block, and to be prepared for the Marechaussée to possibly ask you questions on arrival in the Netherlands about what you will be doing.

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