Guide to Finding Consultants in Europe

Finding the right professionals for your business in the Netherlands, Norway or any other European country can be challenging. Directories with professionals are basically non-existent. In practice, it is up to knowing the right people. If you do not have an existing network in, you will most likely end up finding a lawyer, accountant or advisor by performing a Google search.

We strives to provide a better experience for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start up in Europe. But also for others with an existing network that want to try out a new way to find professional service providers.

Our focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises that are planning to start up a business in Europe and existing businesses in search of a new service provider.

Advisor categories


Legal advisors

Legal advisors and lawyers that can set up contracts and fix legal issues in Norway.

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Tax advisors

Make sure to be compliant with Norwegian tax regulations.

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Financial advisors

Get investment and financial advice from our selected financial advisors.

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Connect with accountants to keep your administration up-to-date and compliant.

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Relocation advisors

Make moving to Europe a smooth ride, not a bumpy one.

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Business consultants

Connect with our business consultants to optimize your business and processes.

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Office providers

Arrange an office or registered address in any city in Norway.

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How do I get in touch with the right advisor?

Search our database

  • Visit our Professional database on the website
  • Filter the type of professional(s) you require
  • Message one or more professionals directly

Option 2: Request a Quote

  • Request a quote using our form
  • We will give initial advice and analyze which professionals are best suited
  • The professional(s) will contact you. You are always in control of whether you want to proceed or not


Processes that require multiple professionals

One of the main issues with finding the right professionals is that they have one particular field of knowledge. Very often you are not just dealing with one legal question or one accounting issue.

A single advisor does not always have an overview of the entire business process in which you as a client are involved. As a client, you often act as a kind of contractor who guides the various professionals to achieve your ultimate goal: successfully establish a new company, your company sold, the acquisition of a company, raising of an investment etc.

NordicHQ transforms those crucial moments in your business' life into clear workflows. We make sure you have access to the right professionals and paperwork at the right time.

Start up in Europe

Glide through the company formation process. Make sure you get it all right and legally compliant. Talk to our experts if you are not sure.


  • Pre-incorporation services: company structure, legal, tax
  • Incorporation services: legal documents, official registration
  • Bank account setup
  • Compliancy: administrative/tax services & legal agreements

Grow and stay compliant

NordicHQ is your gateway to the European market. We help you grow while making sure your company stays compliant.


  • Connect with relevant investors and alternative investment possibilities
  • Formalize your agreements with the right legal documents
  • Connect with the right funding and financial specialists


  • Find the right employees
  • Arrange employment contracts and legal paperwork
  • Register as an employer


  • Add/remove directors/shareholders
  • Corporate name change
  • Increase capital, change share number

Establish a company process

Starting up a new company in Europe requires contact with a few government institutions. In many cases you can do the formal establishment of the private limited company yourself. There are several services concerning the establishment and some extra services where you require some assistance from a professional.

ServiceWhich professional?
Obtaining a personal ID / D-numberRelocation expert
Finding an registered address / officeOffice provider
Apply for a bank account / AML / KYCBanking advisor & Bank
Determine ideal company structureTax advisor / Accountant
Legal contracts & complianceLegal advisor / Lawyer
Set up administration and tax returnsAccountant / Bookkeeper


Sell your business process

Selling your business is a delicate process. Some things can only be done by you, but others require guidance. Make sure you have a smooth preparation, business valuation, negotiation and sale with the help from the necessary experts.

TaskWhich professional?
PreparationBusiness broker / advisor
Business valuationBusiness appraiser
MarketBusiness broker
NegotiationNegotiation advisor
Due diligenceAccountant
Sale (contracts and advice)Lawyer/Legal advisor and Accountant / Tax advisor


Securing funding is crucial for many businesses starting up in Europe. Whether your investor is a large investment firm or your favorite uncle, make sure you do everything by the book. Avoid unexpected tax consequences and formalize your agreements well.

TaskWhich professional?
Prepare proposition and financial documentsFinancial advisor / Accountant / Business consultant
Business valuationBusiness appraiser
Reach investorsInvestment platforms | Business broker
Due diligenceAccountant
Check tax implications of proposed fundingTax advisor
Formalizing fundingLawyer / Legal advisor


Hiring and managing the personell administration does not have to be hard. Find the right people and make sure you get all the paperwork right.

TaskWhich professional?
Finding the right employeesRecruiter | Job boards
Draft employment contractsLawyer / Legal advisor
Set up an occupational pension schemeFinancial/Pension professional
Take out occupational injury insurance for employeesInsurance agent
Pay salaries, deduct tax and pay employer's National Insurance contributionsAccountant / Bookkeeper
Be compliant with workplace and labour lawsLegal advisor / Lawyer

One-off services

Legal documents

  • Create custom contracts in a few easy steps
  • Made by top specialists
  • Always up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations

GDPR Compliance

Professionals network

  • Connect with a wide range of legal, financial, tax and strategy advisors
  • Direct contact
  • Transparent fees

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