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Netherlands Euro Haulage License


Navigating the process of obtaining a Euro haulage license in the Netherlands can be a crucial step for businesses engaged in the commercial transport of goods. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the requirements, regulations, and application procedures to help you secure a license and stay compliant with the […]

R&D tax breaks and incentives for businesses in Europe


Governments all over Europe want to attract innovative business activity. Those are businesses that perform ground-breaking research and development (R&D) activities. European countries, and the EU as a whole, give incentives to these businesses. For example to create a more technologically advanced economy, stimulate job growth or tackle climate-related challenges. […]

Governing the Netherlands


The Netherlands has a long history of democratic governance. It has been a parliamentary constitutional monarchy since 1848. There has been a gradual transition from an absolute monarchy to a modern democracy, culminating in the 1946 Constitution that established the current form of government. Polder Politics The Dutch socio-economic system […]

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