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NordicHQ is the preferred partner for businesses and investors looking for profitable opportunities in Norway. We streamline business transactions and legal paperwork in Norway by supplying you with the right professionals and information at the right time.

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Start up in Norway

Glide through the company formation process. Make sure you get it all right and legally compliant. Talk to our experts if you are not sure.

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Grow and stay compliant

NordicHQ is your gateway to the Norwegian market. We help you get started and grow your business while making sure your Norwegian company is and stays compliant with laws and regulations.

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Fund your business

Connect with relevant Nordic investors and explore alternative investment possibilities. Formalize your agreements with the right legal documents and seek assistance from financial professionals where needed.

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Buy a business in Norway

Your springboard to selling or acquiring a business in the Nordics. Connect with serious buyers and sellers and get instant expert advice on tax, accounting, legal and financial issues.

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After the Oil: Norway’s Green Shift

Norway’s prosperity is impossible to separate from its oil and gas. resources. Although there are several other factors that contribute to its wealth (for example: Norwegian women have been an […]

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Startup Scene in Norway

Until just a few years ago, Norway’s startup scene was very small and largely unknown. As of 2021, that landscape has drastically changed with both Norwegian and foreign entrepreneurs and […]

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Things to consider when starting up in Norway

Starting up a new business sounds easy. In fact, Norway is one of the countries where it is easiest in the world to start a business. Making sure you have […]