Guide to Recruitment in Norway in 2024

Norway boasts a thriving economy brimming with highly skilled professionals. Its innovative startups and established businesses alike offer exciting career opportunities. Successfully navigating this competitive landscape requires understanding the most effective ways to connect with your ideal candidates. This guide is particularly aimed at international companies operating in Norway or those who have recently expanded to Norway.

LinkedIn: The Networking Powerhouse

LinkedIn maintains a strong presence in Norway. To attract the best talent through the platform, several factors prove invaluable. Build a compelling company page that showcases your mission, values, and the unique qualities of your workplace. Craft targeted job posts infused with potent keywords and utilize detailed filters to streamline the search for suitable individuals. Finally, remain engaged by actively participating in relevant groups, interacting with content, and fostering a positive digital footprint.

General Job Boards in Norway

To maximize visibility, focus on the key job boards frequented by Norwegian job seekers. stands out as the undisputed leader in the market. To make your listings stand out, prioritize well-written, enticing job descriptions that vividly illustrate what distinguishes your company. Depending on the job posting,, the government’s job portal, could be decent additions to your posting mix. While job opportunities in English on these general boards are less common, it’s always worth checking— especially when your company offers an international environment.

Specialized Job Boards: Finding Your Niche

Recruiting individuals with specific expertise calls for a targeted approach. Boards like Tekna are vital for finding engineers, technical professionals, and scientists. Econa attracts experienced candidates in economics, finance, and business leadership. When seeking diverse talent across an array of industries, JobbNorge presents valuable options. Explore industry-specific job boards—search terms in Norwegian (like “[your industry] jobb Norge”) will uncover more gems tailored to your field.

Attracting top talent from across the globe opens exciting possibilities. Be aware that English-language listings on general Norwegian job boards are less frequent. When actively hiring internationally, promote your openings on expat-oriented communities and niche websites. Be sure to communicate whether or not you can support potential hires with obtaining the necessary work permits.

Referrals and Networking

Word-of-mouth and authentic connections often yield superior hires. Formalize an employee referral program that rewards your team for recommending strong candidates. Industry events and meetups are deeply ingrained in Norwegian business culture; don’t miss opportunities to mingle, network, and forge meaningful connections. Cultivate positive relationships with relevant university departments and career centers, particularly when targeting graduates or interns.

A new Norwegian platform called Vouch tries to benefit from job referrals. It empowers you to help your network land their dream jobs and earn a reward for your assistance. You recommend a candidate, if you know someone in your network who’s a great fit for a role and recommend them with a few clicks. If your recommended candidate gets the job, you’ll receive a cash reward as a thank-you for your help.

Recruitment Agencies: When Outsourcing Provides Value

Norway benefits from a robust recruitment agency sector. If outsourcing aligns with your needs, choose partners wisely. Specialized agencies excel in handling executive searches, roles in demanding industries, or those where talent availability is scarce. General staffing firms, like Adecco, Manpower, and Randstad, quickly place qualified candidates across a broad range of standard positions.

For finding professionals proficient in English, particularly within the startup scene, has recently become a growing playing in the recruiting market. They primarily feature English-language job postings as they focus mostly on tech-related jobs. Additionally, TheHub now offers a paid recruitment service that promises tailored support at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional recruiting agencies.

Streamlining International Hiring

The Role of EORs Expanding your talent search globally has immense benefits, but it adds complexity. In Norway, traditional Employer of Record (EOR) models often face barriers. However, established employment agencies and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) offer similar functionality. These firms become the legal employer of record, simplifying payroll, tax compliance, and HR complexities. This lets you quickly tap into Norway’s talent pool without navigating complex entity setup, making them especially valuable for businesses still testing the waters or for short-term project needs. Read more in our blog post on EOR in Norway.

Pro Tips

  • Optimize every aspect of your application process for mobile devices.
  • Invest in consistent employer branding; how your company projects itself online directly impacts attracting top talent.

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