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About NordicHQ

NordicHQ (formerly Legalee) is the one-stop-shop for setting up a business in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the rest of Northern Europe. We guide you through the entire process of setting up a company. Because we have experienced firsthand how complex and non-transparent an incorporation process can be, we want to make sure you have an easier, more transparent and more affordable road towards a new business. Get in touch to find out more.



Founder and legal adviser

Thomas Jaques

Founder of NordicHQ and legal & business adviser



Thomas is the founder of NordicHQ. He is an experienced entrepreneur, legal and business advisor. Due to his broad knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, he can provide excellent advice on business opportunities for NordicHQ's clients.

After years of experience with operating and advising SME's in the Netherlands, he realized how complicated an entrepreneur's life becomes once they expand into a new country.

You can learn the rules, systems and common practices, but there is often more to it. As much as it is about what you know, it is about who you know.

NordicHQ takes care of just that: connecting you to a network of knowledgeable, responsive and entrepreneurial professionals. Selected by me.

He is based in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Oslo (Norway).

Our HQ

Amsterdam location

Prins Hendrikkade 21e
1012 TL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

We can always schedule an appointment at our office. We are also more than happy to schedule a digital meeting.

30 minutes from Schiphol Airport. Right across the street from Amsterdam Central Station.

Oslo location

Edvard Storms gate 2

0166 Oslo (Norway)

If you are located in or visiting Oslo, we can make an appointment or schedule an online meeting.



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