Checklist for setting up a BV in the Netherlands

Below you will find a table with the most relevant services around establishing a limited liability company in the Netherlands.

Single BV:
Shareholder is a Person/Company
Holding structure:
holding bv + operating bv
Deed of incorporation✔ Required✔ Required
Translation of documents✔ Required✔ Required
Shareholders agreement★ Recommended (if multiple shareholders involved)★ Recommended (if multiple shareholders involved)
Chamber of commerce registration (KvK)✔ Required✔ Required
VAT registration✔ Required✔ Required
EORI registrationOptionalOptional
VAT representativeOptionalOptional
Legal contracts & compliance
Management agreementOptional★ Recommended
Current-account agreementOptional★ Recommended
Employment contract main shareholder-director★ Recommended★ Recommended
GDPR Compliance★ Recommended★ Recommended
Tax & Accounting
Bookkeeping✔ Required✔ Required
Quarterly VAT return filing✔ Required✔ Required
Annual financial report✔ Required✔ Required
Corporate tax return✔ Required✔ Required
Address & Office
Registered address✔ Required✔ Required
Physical office spaceOptionalOptional
Mail forwarding serviceOptionalOptional
Dutch phone number★ Recommended★ Recommended
Banking & Insurance
Bank account★ Recommended★ Recommended
Company insurance★ RecommendedOptional

BV holding structure in the Netherlands

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BV – private limited company in the Netherlands

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