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Every company in the Netherlands needs to make sure it has its paperwork in order at all times. Certain things you can do yourself, other should be done by professionals. For example, if you have a Dutch BV company, you will need an accountant at one point. Most foreigners starting a business in the Netherlands outsource the legal, administration and tax work as much as possible. Legalee and its partners are more than happy to help, so you can focus on growing your business.

We can help you with legal, tax and accounting compliance

We help you answer this question by offering legal contracts and custom advice. We do not stop there: let us implement the necessary changes in your organization.

Legal contracts and checks

Administration & tax compliance

Industry-specific compliance and custom advice


Legal compliance

Have the right contracts and legal documents in order and make sure your business is in check with all Dutch and EU regulations. Make sure you have the right legal documents and contracts in place to prevent issues later on. For example, the GDPR privacy regulations force businesses to take certain measures to protect their customers' privacy.

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Administration & tax

The Netherlands has a fairly simple tax system. Still, it can be a real headache to navigate your way around the various rules, regulations and tax advantages. A properly managed administration is a real tool for your business. Let us help you move your Dutch business forward by having your admin and tax situation under control.


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Industry-specific compliance

Whether your industry is highly regulated or not, there are always things you should know whenever operating in a certain industry in the Netherlands. Whether it is knowing which specific licenses you should have or which industry organizations' membership you should consider. We are help to give you low-threshold advice about the rules and opportunities in your specific industry.

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Every business has its own risk-profile. It is therefore that both the legal structure and the insurance package should be a good match with your specific business. Together with our insurance partners, we can help you to make sure that all your risks are securely covered. Whether it concerns a professional liability insurance or an insurance that covers the damage of a cyber attack.

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As simple as this might seem, many businesses simply hope for the best when it comes to their legal documents and contracts. Our advice: give your company's legal compliance a little bit of attention now and avoid the headaches later on.

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Contract Packages for Dutch Companies

1 shareholder Multiple shareholders

Compliance for BV with personal shareholder

€ 500From € 550
  • Shareholders' agreement (If 1> shareholders)
  • Employment contract
  • Full GDPR package
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Current-account agreement
  • Contractor's agreement

Compliance for BV Holding Structure

€ 500From € 650
  • Shareholders' agreement (If 1> shareholders)
  • Employment contract
  • Full GDPR package
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Current-account agreement
  • Contractor's agreement
  • Management agreement

Custom offer?

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  • Company formation
  • Legal contracts & compliance
  • Tax & accounting services

Administration & tax compliance

You are required to set up and maintain a well-maintained administration and keep your books for 7 years.

Tax filings and returns:

  • Corporate income tax (Vpb). You are required to submit a corporate income tax filing.
  • VAT return (BTW). You are required to submit a VAT return after every quarter.
  • Personal income tax. As a director-shareholder you usually have to file for income tax.
  • Dividend tax. In some cases you will have to pay dividend tax.
  • Annual financial statements filing. Your BV has to draft and file its annual reports and accounts with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK). The size of your company determines exactly which information you'll need to file. NordicHQ and its partners can arrange all administration and tax obligations for you or help you to minimize your administration effort.

If your business will be employing any staff, you should also register as an employer and maintain a salary administration. Different situations might require certain additional registrations. For example, import/export businesses often require a EORI number. Together with our partners we can help you comply with all Dutch tax and administrative obligations. Check out our services & pricing page for our full range of services.

Industry-specific compliance

Many sectors in the Netherlands have their own set of rules on top of the existing general rules. These can be anything form quality standard for a pharmaceutical product to licenses to perform a certain occupation and EU-regulations for e-commerce transactions.

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Company insurance

A Dutch BV limited liability company insures a certain amount of protection from the risks of doing business. Your personal liability is limited. However, in specific situations it can still be beneficial to insure yourself against unexpected events. NordicHQ's company insurance partners advise you about your insurance wants and needs.

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Things to think about once your company is established

GDPR compliance


Make sure you and your customers' privacy are well protected and avoid hefty fines.



Contracts & legal compliance


Take care of the legal paperwork for your Dutch entity once and for all and spare a few headaches in the future.












Banking compliance


Banks in the EU/EEA are increasingly strict due to KYC/AML regulations. For example, you should inform the bank when you receive a substantial investment from abroad. Follow the rules to avoid issues.

Insurance check


A Dutch limited company offers lots of protection but certain industries and situations require an additional insurance.


















Tax compliance


Setting up a structure is one thing, making sure it is compliant with the standards of the tax authorities another. If you are working with complex structures, this is extra important.

Customer due diligence


If you are new to the Netherlands, you want to feel secure about the customers and relations you are working with. Perform AML and KYC checks to find out who you are working with.

Email compliance


Sending emails can be your most important communication and marketing tool. Sending securely and according to the relevant rules and regulations can be challenging. We can help out with that and other cyber security matters.

Industry-specific regulations


Many industries in the Netherlands have their own set of rules and regulations. For example, the transport, food, pharmaceutical and e-commerce industry. Get help figuring out what applies to your business.

UBO Registration in the Netherlands

An UBO is the natural person who owns or controls a company. This is usually the shareholder/owner, but there are also other people that can qualify as an UBO.

Since 2020, these UBO's are required to be registered in the UBO registry. If your company's UBO's have not been registered yet, we can register on your behalf.

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Get to work now. Save lots of time later on.

Legalee is the preferred compliance partner for foreign businesses and non-profit organizations who are doing business in the Netherlands. We help organizations make sure they are in check with all legal and other regulatory obligations.

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