Working in Norway for my existing foreign company

I just moved to Oslo last 15/10. I have started my new at 17/10. I have a contract with till end on September next year.

I am working through my Portuguese Limited Company atm, I get paid in Portugal. Where, I am currently resident.

Just wondering best option to work in Norway, if via my Portuguese limited company or open a new over here? 

I guess this 3 remain months of this year will be not a problem since I am here less 183 days. Is these 183 days carry over to the next year or from Jan/23 I´ll set zero?


The 183 days is only relevant if you have an Enterprise contract with you customer. More information here.

It is also so that is 183 days during the last 12 month. It will not be set to zero from 1st og January



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