Legalee Becomes NordicHQ: Expanding from the Netherlands to All of Northern Europe

Legalee, the trusted platform for setting up a company in the Netherlands, has evolved into NordicHQ. Maintaining its dedication to service excellence and expertise, NordicHQ is expanding its reach to provide comprehensive support for establishing businesses across Northern Europe.

Legalee’s Track Record in the Netherlands

Legalee has been the go-to partner for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses initiating their operations in the Netherlands. Offering a one-stop-shop solution, our platform, in association with a network of trusted partners, has been providing expert guidance in company formation, tax consultation, administrative support, and drafting robust legal agreements. Additionally, we have extended our service offerings to provide logistical assistance like securing office spaces and warehouses, setting up bank accounts, and managing staff relocation.

NordicHQ: An Evolving Platform

While NordicHQ is now live, it’s important to note that our platform is still very much in development. We are actively expanding our network, enhancing our content, and refining our services to meet our clients’ evolving needs. As we broaden our operations to include Norway, Sweden, and other Northern European countries, we are committed to maintaining and improving our service quality.

The Vision and Drive Behind NordicHQ

Thomas, the founder of NordicHQ, is an experienced entrepreneur and legal and business advisor. His broad knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and across Europe have been instrumental in shaping NordicHQ. After years of operating and advising SMEs in the Netherlands, he recognized the complexity faced by entrepreneurs when expanding into a new country.

While understanding the rules, systems, and common practices is essential, having the right network is equally important. NordicHQ was born out of this realization – to connect entrepreneurs with a network of knowledgeable, responsive, and entrepreneurial professionals.

NordicHQ envisions a Europe where SMEs can do business as if it were one country. While we are not there yet, NordicHQ is committed to facilitating this seamless expansion and operation across various like-minded jurisdictions without unnecessary red-tape. It’s this idea that continues to drive us forward as we evolve and grow.

Continued Dedication to the Netherlands

While our name and geographical scope have changed, our commitment to supporting businesses in the Netherlands remains as strong as ever. We will continue to offer robust services in this region, staying committed to our roots while branching out to new territories.

Communication Channels During Transition

During our transition to NordicHQ, our existing clients can continue to communicate with us through the current channels, including and our existing phone number, which also serves as our WhatsApp channel. However, we’re excited to introduce a new primary email address,, to reflect our new identity. We assure smooth, uninterrupted communications throughout this transition period.

Looking Ahead

As we transition to NordicHQ, our focus and dedication remain constant. We will continue to offer high-quality services, facilitating business establishment and growth across Northern Europe. Your ongoing trust and support are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to assisting you in your business endeavors with NordicHQ. Should you have any questions or concerns during this exciting transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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