How to recruit talent in the Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts a flourishing job market filled with highly skilled and diverse professionals. To successfully attract the best talent, you’ll need a nuanced strategy across the most effective recruitment channels. This guide offers a comprehensive breakdown to help you fill roles within your Netherlands-based company, from entry-level to executive hires.

LinkedIn: The Recruitment Powerhouse

LinkedIn‘s dominance in the professional sphere cannot be overstated. It is widely used in the Netherlands by job hoppers, companies in need of talent and recruiting agencies.

In the Netherlands, excelling on LinkedIn requires attention to several factors. First, ensure your company page is compelling; use it to showcase your mission, values, and what makes your workplace unique. Secondly, invest time in crafting targeted job posts using keywords and detailed filters to reach the most suitable candidates. Upgrading to Recruiter Lite or Recruiter accounts gives you advanced in-depth search tools, direct InMail outreach, and enhanced talent analytics. Finally, stay engaged by networking in relevant groups, interacting with content, and building a positive digital footprint.

Add a badge to your profile on LinkedIN to demonstrate that you are hiring

General Job Boards: Essential for Wide Reach

These popular sites provide broad exposure across various sectors. Indeed offers the largest reach; focus on optimized job descriptions with enticing language, strong keywords, and an emphasis on what sets your company apart. Sponsored posts add visibility for competitive roles. Don’t overlook Nationale Vacaturebank and smaller but still valuable Monsterboard. These major Dutch-language boards are crucial for your hiring mix.

Specialized Job Boards: Target Your Ideal Candidates

Zero in on individuals with specific skill sets by utilizing these targeted job boards. GlassDoor is a central hub for tech professionals, helping you find developers, engineers, data scientists, and similar skillsets. Intermediair is popular with experienced, mid-senior specialists across industries. Academic Transfer bridges the gap between universities and the corporate world. For niche areas like finance, healthcare, and engineering it is quite easy finding niche job boards online though most of it will also be posted elsewhere (mainly LinkedIN).

Community Building: The Power of Networking & Referrals

Build authentic relationships that can provide exceptional candidates. Your current staff is an invaluable asset; formalize an employee referral program with incentives for quality leads. Prioritize industry events and meetups as spaces to network and forge lasting professional connections. If targeting graduates or interns, nurture ties with relevant university departments and career centers.

Recruitment Agencies: Outsourcing for Expert Assistance

When outsourcing makes sense, choose your recruitment agency partner wisely based on your specific needs. Specialized agencies offer a depth of expertise that is essential for executive searches, complex tech roles, and industries where talent is scarce. General staffing firms are adept at handling standard roles and are useful when you need hires fast. Consider agencies like Robert Walters, Randstad and Undutchables, each bringing specific strengths to the table.

Job Posting Aggregators for the Netherlands

Leverage the power of job posting aggregators to broaden your reach within the Netherlands’ talent pool. CVViZ excels in offering connections to a wide range of Dutch job boards, both general and niche, ensuring your job openings gain maximum visibility. JOIN provides a powerful solution for both posting to popular job boards within the Netherlands and centralizing the application process. Their platform streamlines candidate management and offers a strong presence across the European job market.

Streamlining International Hiring: The Benefits of an EOR

Expanding your talent search globally unlocks incredible potential but can add administrative complexity. An Employer of Record (EOR) streamlines this process. EORs, like Remote, become the legal employer of record for your internationally-based staff. They handle global payroll, navigate local employment regulations, ensure tax compliance, and often provide benefits administration. This alleviates the burden of setting up legal entities in new countries. EORs are excellent when your business lacks the infrastructure to manage these complexities in-house.

Draft a Dutch Employment Agreement

Crafting legally compliant employment agreements in the Netherlands requires expert knowledge due to the country’s strict labor laws. These contracts cover crucial aspects like salary, vacation time, sick days, and termination terms. To ensure your agreements protect both employees and your business, consider expert support. We offer a specialized employment agreement service that generates contracts 100% aligned with Dutch regulations, giving you peace of mind and protecting your company from potential legal issues. Alternatively we can also help you with a employment law specialist who can either draft a new contract, edit an existing one or sole labour conflicts.

Draft your own Dutch employment agreement

Additional Channels & Tactics

Expand your reach with, which is well-suited for attracting students and young professionals. Glassdoor Netherlands is a growing job board where candidates actively research potential employers. For roles where international skills are a must, don’t forget expat-oriented sites like IamExpat and XpatJobs. Target location-dependent roles with regional and local job boards. For larger recruitment efforts, investigate Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or enlist the support of freelance recruiters if you have fluctuating, project-based talent needs.

Pro Tip: Ensure your application process is optimized for mobile use. Today’s candidates actively search on the go! Employer branding is key. Invest in your overall online presence to project a positive, authentic image of your company.

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