Employer of Record (EOR) in Norway in 2024

Norway’s allure for ambitious SMEs goes beyond its breathtaking landscapes. A thriving innovation scene, coupled with a skilled and highly educated workforce, creates a fertile ground for entrepreneurial ventures. However, navigating the intricacies of establishing a local presence and employing talent can seem daunting, especially in 2024.

Navigating the 2024 EOR Landscape:

The year 2024 presents specific considerations for SMEs eyeing the Norwegian market. While the overall economy is projected to experience moderate growth, tighter monetary policy and high inflation are expected to dampen demand in certain sectors. This necessitates a cautious approach, with careful evaluation of costs and long-term commitment before establishing a physical presence.

This is where EOR solutions are very useful. Unlike the traditional, and currently unavailable, EOR model employed in many countries, Norway offers alternative approaches through established employment agencies and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). These providers act as your legal employer, handling recruitment, payroll, taxes, and compliance, allowing you to focus on building your business amidst a dynamic economic landscape.

EOR considerations

Remember: EOR solutions might not be a perfect fit for everyone. Consider these points:

Fees: EOR providers typically charge relatively high fees for their services. Evaluate these fees in comparison to the cost of setting up a local entity and managing everything yourself. For example, one EOR provider we work charges €505 per month. Setting up an entity may be cheaper in the long run, but do not forget the additional charges for accounting, a Norwegian business address and additional relocation costs.

Shared control: Depending on the specific EOR agreement, you might share some degree of control over hiring decisions with your EOR partner. Ensure clear communication and alignment on expectations.

Thorough research: Choose a reputable EOR provider with proven expertise in the Norwegian market and your specific industry. Conduct thorough research and compare different options before making a decision.

Beyond EOR: Exploring Alternative Routes

While EOR offers a compelling option for many SMEs, other paths exist.

Branch Office (NUF): This route affords full control over your employees and involves relatively simply setup procedures. Unless the worker is from Norway or the EU/EEA, it will still be complex onboarding workers.

Norwegian Subsidiary (AS): Establishing a AS (limited liability company) offers more control and long-term flexibility but comes with its own set of legal and compliance requirements, as well as cost considerations. The AS in such a case will basically do what the EOR provider does. So the AS will need to hire the worker in Norway, do the onboarding, arrange paperwork etc. This can be quite challenging for most non-EUR companies.

You can read much more about setting up an entity in Norway in our Guide.

Unlocking Potential in 2024:

By leveraging EOR’s agility and cost-effectiveness, SMEs can:

  • Test the market: Explore opportunities efficiently without significant upfront investments.
  • Respond quickly to emerging trends: Adapt your workforce needs as market conditions evolve.
  • Minimize compliance risks: Rely on expert guidance to navigate the nuances of Norwegian regulations.

Remember, EOR isn’t the only path. Branch offices and establishing subsidiaries offer long-term control but come with higher costs and complexities. Carefully assess your specific needs, budget, and long-term vision to choose the right approach for your SME in the unique context of Norway in 2024. With the right strategy and guidance, you can unlock the immense potential this dynamic market holds, transforming your entrepreneurial dream into a thriving reality.

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