Can My Own BV Sponsor Me in the Netherlands and Can I Keep the 30% Ruling?

I’m a Brazilian citizen working full-time in the Netherlands with a recognized sponsor under an HSM visa. My wife is also here on the same visa. I benefit from the 30% ruling. I plan to leave my current job to start a consulting agency under a BV structure. Can my own BV sponsor me and my wife, and can I keep the 30% ruling? Is there an alternative solution?

Only companies with Recognised Sponsor status, granted by the Immigration & Naturalisation Department, can sponsor Highly Skilled Migrants (HSM). Payrolling companies could be an alternative; however, expect to pay around €700 per HSM per month, plus initial costs and of course the HSM salary. This makes it an expensive option. The monthly salary requirements (excluding the payrolling costs) per 1 January 2023 are:

  • Highly Skilled Migrants 30 years or older: € 5.008
  • Highly Skilled Migrants younger than 30 years: € 3.672
  • Highly Skilled Migrants subsequent to graduation or after search year/highly educated persons: € 2.631

Regarding other possibilities, it would be helpful to know if you have an EU Blue Card or how long you’ve lived in the Netherlands.

If you do not have that, the only way for you to remain here as a Highly Skilled Migrant is by continuing to be employed by either your employer or another Recognised Sponsor. You can work as an entrepreneur on the side in addition to being a HSM but you need your employer to continue sponsoring you in full time employment.

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