Why invest in Norway?

Why investors choose nordics
Norway export tree map

Establishing a company takes a few days

Norway has a business-friendly government that has worked towards making opening a business more and more efficient.

9th Easiest Country to do Business in

The World Bank publishes a yearly report on a country's competitiveness. Norway is structurally in the top tier.

Ranking of countries based on ease of doing business in 2020

Norway is a key player in Energy

The country has saved up much of its oil and gas income. They have set up a huge fund: the Government Pension Fund Global, usually referred to as "the oil fund". The fund is the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world. It is worth around 200.000 euros per Norwegian.

Norway oild fund value

Norway is a very wealthy country

Not only does the country have an exceptionally high GDP per capita, it is also distributed quite well among its +/- 5 million inhabitants. Norway generally has a very low unemployment rate and average and median salaries are high.

Unemployment in Norway is generally very low

Norway has one of the highest life expectancies

Low corporate tax rate

Norway has one of the lower corporate income tax rates in Western Europe.

Productivity in Norway is exceptionally high

Productivity Norway - source: tradingeconomics.com

Strong Points of Norway

  • Norway has a very strong economy and encouraging prospects of development.
  • The high value-added sector of information and communication technologies is, for example, very well developed.
  • The public sector is well organised (around a sovereign fund in surplus that can intervene at any time in the economy) and the country has high quality infrastructure.
  • The workforce is highly skilled, multilingual and has one of the highest purchasing powers in the world.
  • Norway structurally ranks in the top tier of the World Bank ranking of countries where it is easiest to do business. The business environment in Norway is very positive and stable.
  • The banking and financial sectors as well as the fiscal and legal framework are also very robust.
  • The country's political environment is democratic, healthy and transparent.

In conclusion, even if the domestic market is small (over-indebtedness of households and small population), Norway is an interesting base for pilot tests of innovative high-cost products and also for export operations in the Nordic countries' markets, Baltic Sea and Western Russia (Source).