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GDPR Compliance Check

This company GDPR check is made for all entrepreneurs who process personal data. This is already the case when, for example, you keep billing data from your customers. The term “processing” is a broad term. It actually includes everything that can happen to data, such as: saving, viewing, passing on, encrypting, copying, moving, organizing, changing, using, distributing, and so on.


E-commerce Terms & Conditions

Terms for online retail of physical products is to some extent different than terms & conditions for services. These terms and conditions are designed for online retail of material objects: something you can physically hold. A service is something that someone does or organizes for you, such as a haircut at the hairdresser, the delivery of a flight or a subscription to TV and internet.

These custom tailored webshop terms and conditions will arrange, among other things, the following:

  • agreements about the reflection period;
  • who pays the costs for the return;
  • agreements about liability;
  • agreements about possible login details;
  • agreements regarding the price and payment of your products or services;
  • where your customers can turn to for complaints;
  • mandatory agreements that protect your consumers.

Establish AS Private Limited Company


Term Sheet

Before the final formalization of an investment you first prepare a term sheet. A term sheet basically contains the agreements made about the amount of the investment, the share interest to be acquired and the investor’s participation. A term sheet normally precedes a participation agreement. The participation agreement contains the final agreed agreements regarding the investment.


Convertible Loan Agreement

A convertible loan is a loan that can at some point be converted into shares. Because it is always difficult at a startup to give a realistic valuation of the company, you agree that the valuation of the shares will take place at a later time, for example when a new investor joins. It is customary to agree on an interest rate which is added to the loan and which is also converted into shares.


Share Sale and Purchase Agreement

The share sale and purchase agreement is the sales contract when selling all or parts of the shares in your private limited (AS) company.
It is important to properly record the agreements regarding the sale of shares. By recording the agreements, it is clear to the buyer and the seller what is expected of them. The purchase agreement also contains certain agreements about what happens when the deal does not go as planned and of the sale under certain conditions, which you cannot invoke if you have not clearly agreed to this.


Letter of Intent

A letter of intent (LOI) is a document outlining the understanding between two or more parties which understanding they intend to formalize in a legally binding agreement. When selling a business parties often use a letter of intent to formalize their already negotiated issues. This agreement helps to create clarity between buyer and seller and eventually makes it easier to draft the sale agreement.


Freelance contract

The freelance agreement (assignment agreement) arranges the terms under which a contractor works for a client. The contractor performs work for the benefit of the client. The contractor is not subordinate to the client and there is no question of an employment contract.
In the freelance agreement you make clear agreements with regard to the assignment. This generally means that the agreement addresses the following:

  • the type of work that the contractor will perform;
  • the duration of the assignment agreement;
  • the hourly wages or a fixed amount for the entire assignment;
  • whether or not general terms and conditions apply;
  • an expense allowance;
  • confidentiality obligation;
  • intellectual property rights.

Bonus scheme

As an employer, you always agree on a fixed salary with your employee. It is possible to agree on a variable remuneration on top of this, which depends on a number of factors and can therefore motivate the employee extra during work. In a Bonus scheme you make agreements with your employees about how this variable remuneration is determined and what it is.


Loan agreement

A loan agreement arranges all the legal aspects of a business loan. It covers among other things the amount to be borrowed, how much interest the debtor has to pay and how and when to repay the loan.
In the loan agreement you will agree on the amount to be borrowed. But you also make agreements about when and how the loan will be paid out.
Almost always there will be interest on a loan. In many cases, this is even a tax obligation. In the loan agreement you make agreements about the amount of the interest. Over time, a loan will have to be repaid. We call that repayment. This can happen all at once, but you can also agree to repay an amount periodically.


Participation agreement

A participation agreement contains the agreements about an investment in a private limited AS company. These agreements are made between the shareholders in that BV and the investor(s). In the contract you arrange, among other things, the agreements about the amount of the investment and the share interest that the investor receives in return.


GDPR Data Register

In the processing register you keep, among other things, what type of data you process for what purposes, whether it is passed on to other parties, how long it is kept and how you have protected the data. In many cases, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes it compulsory to keep a processing register. Creating a registry is only the first step. The registry must be updated every time new processes are added or existing processes are changed.

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