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Oslo is Norway’s capital city and one of Europe’s most vibrant and diverse ones. The city itself has a relatively modest population with just over 700.000 inhabitants, the larger metropolitan area houses well over 2 million people. It is also home to a thriving business community that offers excellent opportunities for companies looking to make their mark in the region. From small startups to multinational corporations, Oslo has something to offer everyone.

Location, location, location

Oslo has a good location for businesses to operate in, thanks to its strategic position in Scandinavia. The recently upgraded Oslo Gardermoen Airport is just 20 minutes from the city center. It connects Oslo to basically all main capitals in Northern and Western Europe. For example: London, Paris and Amsterdam are all under 2.30 hours away. On top of that, Copenhagen and Stockholm are both just around 1 hour by plane. Finally, rail connections are also picking up. A new high-speed connection makes a relaxing business trip to Stockholm available in just 5 hours (from 50 euros).

Fast growing startup city

Oslo is well-known for its thriving startup culture, with many new businesses being established every year. In fact, the city was listed as one of the top 30 cities globally for entrepreneurship in 2020. This makes it a great place for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of existing networks and resources while getting ahead of the competition in their sector.

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A great place to work and live

First of all the bad news: Oslo is expensive. Compared to many other countries, very expensive. Oslo is in fact known to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe, with prices for everyday goods and services such as food and drink, housing, transportation and entertainment significantly higher than other cities in Norway and Europe. This largely stems from the fact that Oslo has a high cost of living due to its status as a major urban center with limited resources. Taxes on imports as well as relatively high VAT also contribute to the higher cost of living in Oslo.

The housing market is also very pricey in Oslo, with many expats opting for short-term leases or furnished apartments instead. Prices vary depending on location and quality but expect an average monthly rent of around 15 thousand NOK (1500 EUR) for a one bedroom apartment in the city center. Although prices may seem steep at first glance, it is important to consider all the benefits associated with living in this vibrant city such as access to cultural activities, excellent educational institutions and strong economy which makes up for some of the higher expenses incurred by residents looking to settle down here permanently or temporarily. Not in the least, both healthcare and education are free of charge.

This is why startup founders and digital nomads looking for a decent place to live are increasingly attracted by Oslo. Most of all, because despite all the above, the city is well-known for its extraordinarily good work-life balance.

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Source: Oslo Business Region

Europe’s Green capital

We wrote earlier that Norway is increasingly turning away from the oil industry and is focusing on new, more sustainable industries and activities. This is very visible in Oslo and surroundings. The EU named Oslo the Green Capital of 2019. And for good reason: The city boasts a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, which makes it an ideal environment for businesses looking for innovative solutions to their challenges.

How to start a business in Oslo

As a resident of Norway, this is relatively simple. In most cases, you choose between a sole proprietorship (in Norwegian: ENK) or a private limited company (in Norwegian: AS). Which one is best in your case depends on the nature of the business, whether you are looking for outside investors, the size of the business and several other factors. To read more about this, we recommend you to read our full guide on starting a business in Norway.

Open a company in Oslo in 5 steps

Below are the 5 steps to follow when opening a private limited company (AS) as a foreigner in Norway. If you need further assistance, feel free request a quote.

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Buying an existing company in Oslo

As an alternative to setting up a new entity, buying an existing business in Oslo can be a great way to expand your business. A platform like bedriftsbørsen specializes in selling existing businesses, offering everything from small-scale start-ups to larger companies. Many of these businesses are well established and come with years of experience, allowing you to take advantage of the local market without having to start from scratch.

When buying an existing business, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the Norwegian regulations on acquisitions and operations as well as to seek professional advice from legal and financial advisors. It is also important to conduct due diligence such as researching the company’s financial history, its management structure and customer base in order to make sure that you are making a sound investment.

Office space and co-working in Oslo

Coworking in Oslo is quickly becoming an attractive option for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With its convenient location, easy access to international markets and talented workforce, it's no surprise that the city has seen a rise in shared workspaces over the past few years.

From traditional office-style coworking to ultra-modern open plans, Oslo offers plenty of options for those looking to collaborate with like-minded professionals. For those wanting a more private work experience, there are plenty of dedicated desks and private offices available for rent in some of the city's most desirable areas. The most well-known office provider is Mesh, which has several locations and is more authentic than some of the larger coworking concepts (i.e. WeWork, Spaces etc.) that have entered the capital in recent years.

Businesses can also take advantage of additional services such as meeting rooms, event spaces and virtual offices which provide access to all the amenities needed for running a successful business. Coworking spaces also offer great networking opportunities as they attract professionals from many different fields and disciplines from around the world. This makes them ideal places for making connections and forming strategic partnerships that can help boost your business.

Finally, if you are looking for a more traditional office to rent or buy, the best starting point is This website has the most comprehensive overview of available corporate real estate in Oslo.

Oslo compared to other Norwegian cities

Oslo is the main business hub of Norway, offering a variety of opportunities for businesses. It is also by far the largest, several times the size of the second city, Bergen.
The city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway is known for its strong maritime and technology industries. While Trondheim is a more centrally located city, boasting a competitive environment with numerous universities and research organizations.
Stavanger is known as an oil and gas center, but it also has a growing presence in high-tech businesses, for example robotics. All three cities offer access to a skilled workforce and international networks, however, Oslo stands out as the leading choice for doing business in Norway due to its diverse range of resources and connectivity options.

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