Incorporate a BV in the Netherlands - Step-by-step Guide

Here are 5 quick steps on how to set up a BV, a private limited company, in the Netherlands. Most of the process is performed by a notary, a special type of lawyer.

5 Steps to Incorporating a BV


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Collecting the Documents

We will guide you through everything you will need to collect for the company incorporation
The shareholder(s) need to determine whether or not they want to have a shareholder’s agreement.

The Notary

After all the required documents have been collected and uploaded to your secure form, the notary will check if all documents are in order. Once this is done, the drafting of the deed of incorporation can start. This will take 1 week. An appointment will be made for the signing of the deed of incorporation. This can be done both in person as well as remotely.

Signing of the Deed of Incorporation

Afterwards you will receive a few documents from the notary: the Deed of Incorporation, Articles of Association (English translation) and a Chamber of Commerce Extract.

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Incorporate in person or remotely

You can sign for the incorporation in person or remotely.

In person means that you will come to the notary’s office to sign the deed, the main company document.

  • Advantages: The fastest way to incorporate the company. The company will be registered into the Chamber of Commerce within 24 hours of signing the deed.
  • Disadvantages: An interpreter has to be present at the meeting if you do not speak Dutch.

If you sign remotely, you give Power of Attorney (POA) to the notary to sign the deed of incorporation on your behalf.

  • Advantages: You will not have to travel to the Netherlands to get your company incorporated. This will save on time and travel expenses. There is no need to hire an interpreter since you will not be present at the signing.
  • Disadvantages: You will have to get your documents legalised which will add some time to the process.

After the company incorporation

Follow the steps in this article to know exactly what to do once the company is incorporated.

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