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Sahi has over 20 years of experience in the field of accounting. She is a highly responsive professional who can assist you in a full range of accounting and tax-related services.

Her regular services include:

  • Accounting of all incoming and outgoing invoices and bank transactions;
  • Feedback from our side to improve the documents;
  • Feedback from our side to see whether you can save on different costs;
  • Feedback from our side re the general rules and regulations applicable in your branch;
  • VAT filings, quarterly or monthly;
  • Annual report on our office paper in English;
  • Corporate income tax filing
  • Annual reporting towards Chamber of commerce
  • Minutes of the share holders meeting
  • Annual reconciliation of VAT and if needed correction of VAT filings
  • All communication and letters towards tax office for any differences or explanations of our
    regular work.




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