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Ljobov is your dedicated contact person for starting or expanding a business in Estonia and Lithuania on the NordicHQ platform. With over a decade of specialization in commercial law and foreign business support in Estonia, our team of consultants, lawyers, and accountants provide top-quality service and innovative solutions.

Reliable Service Provider: Licensed as a company registrar in Estonia, making us a trusted partner.

Highly Qualified Team: We boast a team of experienced consultants, law graduates, and accountants, ensuring your needs are met with expertise.

Comprehensive Service: As a direct service provider, we offer all services using our own resources without involving third parties, delivering an efficient process.

Additional Services: Ljobov and her team are ready to offer essential services for establishing and operating your company in Estonia within the EU legal framework:

  • Legal Address: We provide a legal address and offer mail forwarding to your specified address.
  • Contact Person: For non-residents, we provide a contact person to handle official documents and correspondence in Estonia.
  • Accounting Services: Our accountants ensure proper record-keeping and submission of annual financial statements to Estonian authorities.
  • Corporate Documents: Need notarized copies of corporate documents for your Estonian company? We’ve got you covered.
  • Legal Support: Our seasoned lawyers offer in-depth legal assistance, from initial consultations to court representation.

Ljobov and her team are committed to offering services tailored to your unique business needs in Estonia and Lithuania. Feel free to reach out and explore how we can assist your business growth in the region.






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