Contracts & Legal Documents

GDPR check norway

GDPR Compliance Check

This company GDPR check is made for all entrepreneurs who process personal data. This is already the case when, for ...

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Terms and conditions ecommerce

E-commerce Terms & Conditions

Terms for online retail of physical products is to some extent different than terms & conditions for services. These terms ...

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Term sheet

Term Sheet

Before the final formalization of an investment you first prepare a term sheet. A term sheet basically contains the agreements ...

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Convertible loan agreement

Convertible Loan Agreement

A convertible loan is a loan that can at some point be converted into shares. Because it is always difficult ...

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Share sale purchase agreement

Share Sale and Purchase Agreement

The share sale and purchase agreement is the sales contract when selling all or parts of the shares in your ...

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letter of intent

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent (LOI) is a document outlining the understanding between two or more parties which understanding they intend ...

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freelance contract

Freelance contract

The freelance agreement (assignment agreement) arranges the terms under which a contractor works for a client. The contractor performs work ...

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bonus scheme

Bonus scheme

As an employer, you always agree on a fixed salary with your employee. It is possible to agree on a ...

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loan agreement

Loan agreement

A loan agreement arranges all the legal aspects of a business loan. It covers among other things the amount to ...

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Participation agreement

Participation agreement

A participation agreement contains the agreements about an investment in a private limited AS company. These agreements are made between ...

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