Share a holding BV with a partner?

Is it possible to have one holding which is partially owned by my partner and I and still have the advantage of having a holding company?Generally would like more advice on what is better, a holding BV or a single BV company.


generally I would advise to have your own holding company. This is where you will build up capital, possibly employ yourself, build up pension, borrow money to yourself (for example a mortgage) etc. Technically, you could still enjoy these benefits with your partner in the same holding, but it depends on your relationship with your partner whether this is desirable or not. For a married couple, it is different than for two individuals who happen to work together on a project.

The advantage you would still have in a ‘shared holding’  is that any profits transferred from the operating BV to the holding BV, will not be taxed again in the holding BV. Until you take out anything from the holding (either as salary or as dividend) it is therefore tax free. You can use this capital to invest (in other BV’s, stocks etc.). Additionally, if you ever decide to sell all or parts of your shares in the holding, the profit of this share sale will end up in the holding. If you would hold the shares personally, you would be immediately taxed under your personal income tax which would lead to a large tax bill. If you receive the profit in the holding you have the flexibility to pay yourself gradually and whenever you want. This could save you a lot of money.

In a shared holding you both need to agree to sell all or parts of your shares, since the shared holding will be the sole shareholder. That could be problematic if you do not come to an agreement.

So in short, if possible I would set up your own personal holding bv.

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