American opening a business and moving to Norway

I am from the US and am hoping to open a business in Norway. It would be to buy and hold real estate as rentals. I would also like to move over there to be the employee. I’ve read the rules for Residence permits and cannot tell if I would be approved. If I am not approved, I would not go forward with the business. Do I still need to seat up the business first?


You are correct that you would need a work and residence permit in order to work for this company. 

There are several ways you could do this. Those depend on if you want to register it as a private limited company or a sole proprietor

There are two separate processes that may apply. You can find more information here:

If she is a skilled worker and is employed by the business ‘Skilled worker with an employer in Norway’ may work, while if she is the sole proprietor ‘Self-employed persons with a company in Norway’ may apply.

In order to be granted a skilled worker permit with an employer in Norway she must receive a genuine job offer before we are able to process the case. This can be offered by the AS company.

As you explain, the problem with the AS is that you will need to set up the business first before applying. The immigration authorities in Norway cannot give any guarantees.

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